My User Interface and User Experience design career has it’s foundations in real world applications. At NKU, they don’t primarily focus on App Design, however early on I knew that was something I wanted to do.

I've found myself as a Designer on some projects, and a web developer on others. This hybrid experience has given me a greater understanding of what is needed when designing an application, and has helped me form a much more well-rounded understanding of my skills.

The two projects below are two projects I enjoyed working on, and ones that challenged me and pushed my skills to the next level.

Programs Used

Skills Exercised

Wash Agents was a job which I was selected to be a part of through my time working for INKUBIZ at NKU. We were assigned to develop an MVP based on a Tide team's specifications.

It was an interesting and eye opening experience designing and developing an app through a corporate client.

Features include implementing a login/auth(google firebase), a payment system (Braintree), Background Checks (Checkr) and a peer to peer, provider to user system similar to Uber.

Screenshots coming soon. Current project an be seen at www.WashAgents.com

Features include implementing a payment system (Braintree), Background Checks (Checkr) and a peer to peer, provider to user system similar to Uber.

EventSpider was my first journey into the world of UI UX aswell as gaining a great understanding of the business behind development.

In 2014 a close friend asked me to be apart of an idea of his which he was entering a business competition. We placed 1st in the regional competition and then 2nd in the state competition netting us a good amount of seed funding. We decided to follow up with the idea and begin our entrepreneurial careers.

In the summer of 2015 we applied to get into the INKUBATOR, NKU’s business accelerator program, ranked one of the top 5 university accelerators in North America. We were one of 5 teams selected out of over 70 applicants. After numerous pivots and redesigns, we settled on EventSpider, a place for parents to find interesting and fun activates for their kids based on their kids individual likes and interests.

Currently EventSpider is in BETA and we are building out more and more features. Check out EventSpider.com for more information.

Screenshots coming soon.