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Role: Full Stack Designer (UI / UX / Front End Web Dev)

TideNow was a project I worked on during my time at INKUBIZ for the client Tide (Procter & Gamble). We were tasked with creating an MVP for crowdsourced laundry. People needing laundry washed and dried but with no access to a washer dryer, were matched with curated "wash agents" who would pick up 1 to 3 loads of laundry, wash and dry the laundry, and return the laundry. We met with our client, came up with scope, and were tasked with designing and developing an MVP.

A discovery session followed by an ideation session allowed me and Nick Smith ( to come up with some great ideas and great insights when thinking about how the app should function, and how users would experience it.

The UX Skeleton we outlined changed quite a bit through development. After the UX Skeleton was in a good place, we prototyped the entire app in Adobe XD in order to show to stakeholders prior to starting final mocks and development. Back in late 2016 when we did this, Adobe XD was still in its infant stages as an prototyping program, however it served its purpose well.

The app had some interesting challenges with its design. It essentially required two different experiences. One for the "Wash Agent" which essentially were the crowdsourced workers, and one for the user which needed their clothes washed. In order to get people to become a wash agent, we had to demonstrate the ease and value of becoming a wash agent. As for customers wishing to get their laundry washed, we had to create a clean, easy to use, seamless interface for them to track where they're clothes are in the process of cleaning, and create a safe state of mind for them letting them know that their clothes are in good hands.

For the user we ended up using the model of a washing “cycle” as our inspiration. The main interface was a step through design which moved in a circle, from the wash agent being en-route, to the Wash agent returning the laundry.

As the project progressed past design, I rotated to front end web development, as It allowed our other developer to focus on back end responsibilities. My front end skills are intermediate at best, and this project really allowed me to dive deeper into that skill set. The front end web development is something that comes up everyday in my design career, and I treat it as a valuable trait understanding how the tech works behind the design.

This was a great experience in multiple different aspects. Working with a large, brand name client, designing UX & UI, trying to manage deadlines and front end web development. 

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