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Role: Product Designer

I was hired back in the summer of 2018 as a UI Designer contractor and was offered a full-time position 9 months later in the spring of 2019. My role for the majority of this time has been as a visual designer (UI & Interaction) on a multitude of web-based teams.

A concept done of the Home Page

From search pages to coupon cards, most of my experience during this time was on customer-facing ecommerce pages where millions of users are interacting with our components every day. To say it has had its challenging moments is an understatement, but I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

A photo of my team participating in a design thinking exercise during one of our discoveries.

↑ (above) My teams participated in Bi-Weekly sprints, often consistening of a week long discovery, and than a week long handoff with devs.

The majority of the time, I would be matched with another UX designer on my team(s). We would work through problems leveraging an adapted version of the google sprint method where Design, Product Management, Tech Leads, Scrum Masters, and analytics partners would sit down together and collaboratively define and work through How Might We's, which were based on the biggest issues we faced at any given time.

A photo of a sketch I did for a feature.

↑ (above) A sketch done to concept potential feature previewing & education.

During the second half of the sprint, I would work with developers, designing pixel perfect redline documents, interaction definition documents, and anything in-between to make sure that development could be done without an issue, and as the design intended.

↑ (above) Often during handoff with devs, I would try to create examples to show the more complex interactions. This was created in InVision Studio.

↑ (above) For animations, I would always try and provide proper timing parameters so the devs had all the info they needed to work efficiently.

Many times I was on multiple teams who would have sprints running side by side, so I would have to manage my time effectively to be productive for the multiple teams. It was quite the challenge but one I really enjoyed. I pride myself as a person who likes to be pushed, so to have an abundance of work on my plate working with many different people was always fun. I always enjoyed the relationships I built, and I'm proud of the designs I was able to produce and implment for our end users.

An image of the kroger my account screen which I designed

Kroger has really solidified my love for design as a whole. Joining a design team when there are only 15 people and being there as it grew to 50+ has been an eye-opening experience that has taught me many lessons along the way. At the end of 2020, I would be promoted to Product Designer, and make a move over from Customer Experiences to Associate Experiences, as well as picking up much more User Experience work alongside my Visual Design work. You can read more about how my work shifted here.

An image of modals that were designed by me. 

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