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Role: Visual Specialist (Photo/Video)

In 2017, fresh out of college I was brought on as a “Visual Specialist” at CompleteSet, a startup in Northern Kentucky. CompleteSet's mission was to archive the world’s collectibles and help people discover and enjoy them. We had native and web apps which allowed users to track their collectables, as well as purchase them via auctions in our award winning app and website.

My job as a visual specialist was a little different than you would imagine. We already had a Product Designer, my good friend John Fontaine (who would end up inspiring me to begin my career in product design funny enough), who I would follow to Kroger post CompleteSet. My role was to handle everything apart from product design. This meant mainly Photography, some graphic/social media design, and helping our head of marketing plan out marketing campaigns.

The shirts above were limited edition Johnny Cupcake Tee's, which had to be taken top down and than manually cut out via Photoshop. It took forever, but you have to love the result.

Our auction platform was developed in house and was second to none. However, it did need constant photography to keep it moving. We would sell collections of dozens or sometimes hundreds of items and take a cut. Speed, consistency, and quality was key in this format. In my 9 months at CompleteSet, I took over 40,000 photographs of collectables, trying to achieve consistency and quality throughout.

I also worked with Marketing to come up with campaigns, and create graphic material for them to use in their campaigns, such as the rotating batman figure above. It was made using a greenscreen, rotating table, and alot of after effects touch-ups. These innovate ways of showing off our merchendise to sellers really helped us push the boundries of the content we were producing at CompleteSet.

CompleteSet was my first startup and I loved it. I’ve always been great at learning new things and as I got into the job, I found myself thriving in the startup environment, constantly needing to adapt to new challenges and stay moving all while remaining consistent with quality. CompleteSet taught me the valuable lesson of time, and just how important it is.


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