About Myself

Hey there!

I’m Derek and I’m a Multimedia Designer. I’ve been told I’m a “Jack of all trades” kind of person, and while I believe this to be true, I consider myself first and foremost a designer. I know I have or can learn the technical skills to be proficient and do anything I put my mind too, however it’s the thought and design behind what I do that I look to improve every day.

I’m currently about to graduate from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelors in Media Informatics, and I’m currently seeking a job in any design field. I’d like it to be in some sort of User Experience / Interaction Design, because I’ve always found it fascinating understanding why people do what they do in regards to using a program. Why they click where they do. I want to understand these problems and find ways to solve them.

My motto that I live by is “Anything’s possible”. I’ve found no matter what kindof mental block I was put up against across my multitude of projects, If I applied myself hard enough to figuring out how to do what I wanted to do, anything really is possible in this day and age. (Except time travel, maybe).

Programs Used

Skills Exercised